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Paying Surveys FAQs

How do I get paid to take surveys with Paying Surveys?:

It’s simple.

1. If you’re new to our site, enter your PayPal email address.  Don’t have a PayPal?  Visit to register for free!

2. Click on the Members Area.

3.  Enter the password that we sent you when you registered on our site.

4.  Enter your PayPal email address again.

5.  Complete the survey that we direct you to.

6.  Get paid at least $1.00 for each survey that you complete.  We pay you within 7 days via PayPal!  Take as many surveys as you can!  The more you take, the more you make!

When will I get paid?:

You will be paid $1.00 per completed survey via your PayPal account within 7 days of the time you completed the survey.

How will I get paid?:

Via PayPal to your bank account. Read more here.

How do I sign-up for PayPal?:

You can signup for PayPal on their website — Read more here.

Can I register more than one account?:

No. You may only register one account with us. Do not take our surveys using more than one email address at a time. We will detect this and your account will be terminated without payment.

What if I forget my password to Paying Surveys?

Too bad!  (Just kidding.)  First, check back through your emails and look for the 2nd email from us.  The subject will be “Your Paying Surveys Password!”  If you can’t find your password this way, then contact us.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?:

Just visit to register.  It’s quick and free.  Besides, PayPal is already large and growing.  So it is reliable and seems here to stay.

I did not qualify for the survey. Why?
Our survey vendors decide who qualifies and who does not.  We don’t.  We provide a way for survey vendors to get their surveys out to the public.

Oh no! I accidentally entered the wrong email address. What ever should I do?:

Make sure that it does not happen again!   We only use PayPal. And we only pay to the email that you enter. If you enter the wrong email and take a survey, you will not get paid for it. Sorry.

I took a survey but didn’t get paid for it. What do I do?:

Contact us. We’ll look into it. To be honest, we can’t guarantee anything though as we only pay for surveys that our partners have reported to us as completed.

Can I use a different email for the surveys than my PayPal email?:

You can but we won’t be able to pay you if you do. If it’s a problem to use your PayPal email for your surveys, then we suggest you create another email account with PayPal so you can use that email just for surveys.

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About Paying Surveys

Paying Surveys was founded with the mission of creating a simple way for people to help shape the products and services of tomorrow while being paid for that power!  Paying Surveys is an optimum interface for market research and consumers.  We provide a way for our members to be paid for their power — the power of their opinion.


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